Customs seizures over Rs2023m smuggled goods in six months

MULTAN (APP): Custom Collector, Muhammad Tahir, said that the Collectorate of Customs (Enforcement-Multan) captured over Rs 2023 smuggled goods from July to December 2022 which are 17 percent higher than the corresponding period in 2021.
He told APP on Sunday that they occupied fabric, cigarettes, noncustom paid vehicles (NPC), betel-nuts, High-Speed Diesel (HSD), and tyres ect during the last six months.  Sharing details, he informed that the Collecterate took over 28 trucks of POL, 107 NPC vehicles, 7960 tyres with trucks, 176 mobile phones, 4,370 outers cigarettes, 537 electronic items,  97,452 kgs cloth of different varieties with trucks, 165,856 kgs bettle-nuts, and  1,154 auto-parts with trucks.
The collector vowed to follow zero tolerance policy against the smuggling of goods unabated in the future too adding that Multan collectorate is pivotal with respect to across-the-border movement with the goods as it is located in the amalgam of three provinces as it touches Balochistan through Oboro-Sadiqabad point whereas it is adjacently placed with Punjab which is the major consumer of raw material and furnished articles in terms of industrial development and population.
Mr Tahir stated that Collectorate has done efforts to raise revenue by conducting auctions of the long pending lots and collected Rs 343.7 mln from the sale proceed of 60 vehicles and 101 miscellaneous goods lots which is 119 higher than 119 pc in comparison to the same period of 2021-22.