Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying

Maaz Jilani

Internet has taken the world by storm since 2000’s but had already existed in 1990’s trying to make its benchmark it has made now. With every passing year internet keep making betterment not just into their speed but quality too. In this fast growing era now everything is a tap away. You want food? Order online. You want cloths? Order online.  You want to start a business? Do it online.

Thus it has brought far away people closer than ever but has also isolated many of us in many ways. Earlier when there was no internet people were close to each other; their happiness was from each other with eating together going out together spending quality time with families. Perhaps in today’s world people have associated their timely happiness with a few likes on Facebook Instagram and other social apps which says to be connecting people from different parts of world but disconnect habitants of the same habitat. Where internet was invented for the sake of benefiting people it has many cons also.

Like making fake profiles, passing indecent comments and cyber bullying.

Cyber bullying sometime become really heartening whereas most of the public figures do not bat an eye of what their fans has to say although a lot of the other people in our surroundings get really affected by cyber bullying and it has shutter their self esteem and confidence. Today it has become really a difficult task to breathe into people that it’s not ok to pass comment that may hurt sentiments of someone just for being cool for a moment they turn down someone’s peace which haunt them later.

To present this an organization was founded battling cyber bullying and tracing the criminals behind those indecent comments and acts. National response centre (NRC) is the latest introduction by FIA so people on internet who feel unsafe can have a sense of feeling of being safe at least know that officers will be of some help.

Anyone who held against any of these crimes are liable to pay fine and can be jailed also.  According to the section 18 (1) of the law essentially criminalizes defamation through any information system. Whoever intentionally and publicly exhibits or displays transmit any information through system, which he knows to be false and intimidate or harms the reputation or privacy of a natural person, shall be punished with imprisonment of a term which may extend to 3 years or with fine which may extend to 1 million rupees or with both. Spreading false information about an individual upto 3 years in prison and up to 1 million in fine are both.

Not to mention this section will not apply where offence is committed by a broadcast media licensed under the Pakistan electronic media regularity authority ordinance (2002) making one spreading explicit images of videos of an individual up to five years in prison or up to 5 million in fine or both. 

Cyber stalking up to 3 years in jail or UP To 1 million in fine or both. Hacking email or phone stalking will result up to 3 years in jail and 1 million fine or both. Hate speech up to seven years in jail are fine or maybe both. Spamming will cause 3 months of prison up to 5 million or both.

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