Czech ready to send more troops

Monitoring Desk

KABUL: Czech Defence Minister Karla Šlechtová has voiced her country’s commitment to Afghanistan, saying they are ready to ramp up the number of its military personnel in the war-hit country.

On her maiden trip to Kabul, the minister offered her heartfelt condolences over the recent terrorist attacks in the capital. She said her visit was to reaffirm support for Afghanistan.

At a meeting with Chief Executive Officer Dr. Abdullah, she expressed her country’s willingness to train Afghan pilots. Her country might increase the number of armed forces in Afghanistan, she suggested. A statement from the CEO office quoted Karla Šlechtová as saying that Czech troops were part of the NATO-led mission to train, advise and support Afghan security personnel.

Speaking on the occasion, Abdullah said the Afghans were fighting regional and international terrorist groups that enjoyed safe havens in neighbouring country.

The minister visited the Bagram air base and the airport in Kabul, which Czech soldiers are protecting. The Czech Republic has over 230 soldiers serving in Afghanistan. The CEO hailed the courage of the visiting dignitary in current circumstances and said her visit reflected the commitment and cooperation of the Czechs.

Relations between the two nations were strong and enduring, Abdullah said, hailing the European country as a special friend of Afghanistan.

Karla Slechtova recently took over as defence minister and her visit to Kabul showed her commitment to Afghanistan.