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PESHAWAR: A research oriented book in Pakhto language ‘Da Tareekh sara Khabare’ means Conversation with History has published after sixteen years of hard work in which interviews of 72 prominent professionals conducted on variety of subjects.
The book is authored by famous poet, journalist and writer Amjad Ali Khadim stressing on works and introductions of 72 professionals including educationists, journalists, researchers and government officials. The book comprising of public interest subjects like technical education, peace, usage of social media, children, women& human rights, politics and economics.
The authored has stressed on the role of youth, development in erstwhile Fata, control on harassment at workplace and responsibilities of parents and teachers for society.
The book comprising of 1038 pages and the author has approached prominent professional who delivered extraordinary services in their respective fields and witness to historical events which has unfold in the ‘Da Tareekh Sara Khabaree’.
While commenting on the book Director Pakhto Academy University of Peshawar, Professor Dr. Nasrullah Jan Wazir claimed that the Author Amjad Ali Khadim is not only good poet but also established by coin in prose after publishing ‘Da Tareekh Sara Khabaree’ book.
Late progressive writer and journalist Salim Raz writes in the preface of book that its represents Pakhtun culture, history and region in true sprit while added that the “Da Tahreekh Sara Khabaree” book is worthy to place in public libraries.
Director National Institute of Pakistan Studies Quaid-e-Azam University posted on his social media account that the author has not only disclosed historical event but also unfold important information regarding the interviewees.
KP Ombudsperson Rakhshanda Naz declared that ‘Da Tareekh Sara Khabaree’ book is worthy to read especially for youth because it has unfold several paths for young generation for participation in national development.

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