DAB urges providing better banking services in country

KABUL (Agencies): Da Afghanistan Bank officials discussed growing the national economy, normalization of the banking sector, and coordination of humanitarian aid in a meeting with the United Nations delegation in Afghanistan.
Da Afghanistan Bank say two of the bank’s senior officials of the bank met with Ramiz Al Akbarov, the Deputy Special Representative of the United Nations to discuss on the expansion of the national economy, the normalization of the banking sector and the coordination of aid.
The officials of Da Afghanistan Bank considered the role of the United Nations Deputy Office in the country to be effective in improving the humanitarian and economic situation of the country.
Da Afghanistan Bank is committed to providing better services to the citizens of the country and institutions in the light of national and international laws and regulations, the bank officials stressed.
Meanwhile, the Deputy Special Representative of the United Nations expressed his satisfaction with the cooperation of Da Afghanistan Bank in providing banking facilities in the country, and promised more cooperation in with Da Afghanistan Bank.