Daesh in Afghanistan could threaten US interests in 6 months: CENTCOM

KABUL (TOLONews): The head of US Central Command, Michael Kurilla, said that Daesh In Afghanistan will be able to attack American or Western interests outside the country in less than six months “with little to no warning,” as reported by Star and Stripes. He made the remarks on Thursday at a Senate Armed Services Committee, saying that Daesh is rapidly developing the ability to conduct “external operations” in Europe and Asia.
“My commanders estimate that they can do an external operation against US or Western interests in under six months with little to know warning. In a classified session, I would talk about why I made that assessment. It is much harder for them to be able to do that against the homeland,” he said.
The Islamic Emirate spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid rejected Kurilla’s remarks on Daesh’s ability to attack the US within six months and said that the group is being eliminated in Afghanistan.
“We deny these allegations. Afghanistan is not a place for anyone to threaten other countries anymore or make problems. Daesh is being eliminated in Afghanistan. Daesh has been hit hard and the world also knows it,” he said.
Meanwhile, the US democratic Senator Jack Reed said that the President Joe Biden pledged that Afghanistan will not become a harbor of terrorist groups. “The Biden administration has maintained its commitment to ensure that Afghanistan cannot be used as a base for ISIS, al-Qaeda or other terrorist groups to conduct attacks against United States or its allies,” he said. The political analysts gave various opinions in this regard.
“Daesh neither has the goal to attack US interests nor the capacity to do so. It even doesn’t have the capacity to attack the weak countries. It is only a misery for the people of Afghanistan,” said Asadullah Nadim, a military veteran. This comes as the Islamic Emirate killed two key members of the Daesh group within the last month.