Daesh ‘recruiting in Helmand’, members of provincial council claim

Daesh ‘recruiting in Helmand’, members of provincial council claim

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HELMAND: Two MPs from Helmand and a member of the provincial council said Daesh has started recruiting in Helmand province, and is trying to create a footprint in southern Afghanistan – which to date has not seen the presence of the terrorist groups.

Official intelligence and information from local sources are sufficient to show that Daesh has started its activities in the northern districts of Helmand, including Musa Qala, Nawzad and Washir, according to the MPs.

“Based on my information, a person named Zakir is trying to create a Daesh footprint in Nandaro village in Musa Qala district,” said Ghulam Wali Afghan, an MP from Helmand.

“Daesh is growing [in Helmand] and is doing its recruitment and military training,” said Mirwais Khadim, an MP from Helmand. “The government should pay serious attention to this matter, and so should the international community. NATO and the United States should cooperate and plan to prevent Daesh’s growth [in Helmand].”

The head of the Helmand Provincial Council, Attaullah Afghan, agreed: “We have been informed that Daesh has a presence in the northern parts of Helmand and has somehow started its recruitment.”

Meanwhile, Helmand governor Yasin Khan said the Afghan security forces are fully capable of fighting against Daesh, but he didn’t offer how.

“Daesh is trying to find a foothold in Helmand, but based on intelligence information, the practical activity of Daesh has not been seen in Helmand so far because people are not in their favor,” the governor said.

This comes as parts of Helmand are under Taliban influence, and the province has faced many clashes between Afghan forces and militants over the past few years. (TOLOnews)

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