Dancing Queen Nora Fatehi flaunting her swagger in Turkey

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ANKARA: The very well-known Indian dancer, actor and model Nora Fatehi is a style, beauty and dance icon nowadays and she has been since her debut in the industry. She got her hype because of her flexible, curvaceous body and her ultimate dance moves.

The Dilbar Dilbar dancer is also popular for her swagger and the class she roves with.

Nora, in very recent times, posted photos on her Instagram in which she can be seen surrounded and escorted by very tight security of five enormous men, exactly like a VIP is.

Fatehi captioned the posts using the tagline of a very famous ‘Ludacris’ song and also a famous Tiktok soundtrack, as to feel like how the wealthily propertied may feel.

Nora wore a white Dolce and Gabbana T-shirt corset, blue ripped jeans and gorgeous yellow high-heeled sandals with a complimenting handbag, big ear hoops and a classy pair of sunglasses. Nora was seen in a complete D&G outfit as she was modelling for the designer brand.

Earlier, Nora was seen parading her flawless, curvy, hour-glass figurine in a black elegant back-less dress with gleaming-silver sandals and handbag.

The dancer posted a scene of the Turkish flag on a hill on her story with a sticker that says “Istanbul is the new cool”.

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