Dangerous gang of armed robbers busted

Monitoring Desk

KABUL: A dangerous gang of armed robbers was busted by the Afghan security forces in Kabul before the gang manages to carry out more attacks to loot the city residents.

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officials are saying that the gang was busted during an operation of the Afghan National Defense and Security forces.

The officials further added that the gang was involved in major armed robbery incidents and were arrested from the vicinity of the 3rd police district of the city.

According to the CID officials, the Afghan forces also confiscated three pistols, ammunition, and a Russian-made assault rifle from the detained individuals.

This comes as there has been a sharp rise in criminal related incidents in Kabul city during the recent months.

The observers believe that the sharp rise in criminal related incidents have direct links with the growing poverty and lack of employment opportunities which paves the way for the gangs to attract the youngsters in their ranks.

Police forces in Kabul arrested at least fifteen suspects in connection to murder cases and other criminal incidents from various parts of the city.

The Criminal Investigation Department officials said late last month that the suspects were rounded during the operations over a period of one week.