Danial Jameel calls on President Dr. Arif Alvi

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ISLAMABAD: Danial Jameel and the honourable President of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi discussed issues related to the promotion of technologies such as artificial intelligence, cyber security, and education in Pakistan.
Honorable President highlighted the importance of exponential technologies such as artificial intelligence in enabling Pakistan to take advantage of the coming global automation revolution. His vision for this initiative began in 2018 with the establishment of the PIAI (President’s Initiative for Artificial Intelligence).
The initiative has extended support in this field to over 2 million Pakistani youths. Danial Jameel commended the President’s visionary role in promoting exponential technologies in the country. He highlighted the increased competition on artificial intelligence between the major global powers, and shared insights on how this technology will revolutionize all aspects of global society from economics to politics.
Mr. Jameel offered to extend full support to realizing the President’s vision as the pioneer of artificial technology in Pakistan, and offered to provide necessary resources, knowledge, and policies being utilized by the top institutions and think tanks in North America.

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