Danish calls on

Danish calls on parties to respect IEC results

KABUL (Agencies): President Ghani’s second vice president, Sarwar Danish, while commemorating the 31st anniversary of the Soviet Union’s withdrawal from the country, called on all the campaign teams to respect the authority of the electoral commissions and the rule of law.

Danish also called on electoral campaign teams to work together to create an inclusive government.

“I expect all the parties involved in the elections, the election teams and the political parties, to all respect the national processes and the rule of law and the competence of the legal institutions of the elections and accept the results of the elections in order to begin a new stage in the country’s political life,” said Danish.

The Presidential Palace, along with a number of other politicians, commemorated the 31st anniversary of the Soviet troop at the Loya Jirga hall in Kabul.

Speaking in the event, Danish said that the peace process has reached an important stage, and an important part of it is the start of talks among Afghans, but he warns that unless the Taliban cuts ties with terrorists, lasting peace will not be secured.

“The core of the peace, is a peace between the Taliban and the Afghan government and nation,” Danish said.

Meanwhile, opposition by a number of electoral campaign teams over the IEC’s final result has raised concerns.

“I request the brothers (electoral campaigns) to please sit together and solve the problems, otherwise the country is in danger,” said Zabihullah Mujaddidi, the secretary of the Afghan National Liberation Front.

But other speakers in the event say that now the law should be respected.

Thirty-one years ago on February 15, 1989, the former Soviet Union announced its complete withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, ending a nine-year war that claimed the lives of millions of Afghans.

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