Dasu attack was planned and jointly executed by RAW-NDS nexus: Qureshi

Muhammad Asad

ISLAMABAD: Dasu attack was planned and jointly executed by the nexus of Indian intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security (NDS) and most of the work was done inside Afghanistan. It was shared by the Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi along with DIG Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) KPK Javed Iqbal during a news conference in Islamabad on Thursday.
Foreign Minister Qureshi revealed that the prime target of the terrorists was Diamer Basha Dam however later they changed their target after failing to attack their priority.
Qureshi categorically said that the attack was planned by the Intelligence agencies of India and Afghanistan and the necessary planning and preparation was carried out at Afghan soil. According to him the Honda Civic used in the bomb blast was smuggled from Afghanistan into Pakistan.
While speaking to the occasion, DIG CTD KPK Javed Iqbal said that the whole investigation was carried out with the help of 15 member Chinese team.
He informed that an explosive laden car was used in the attack and investigating team has tracked down the vehicle through its movement.
He said that all route and cameras were minutely examined by the investigating team to reach at the conclusion.
Javed Iqbal informed the media men that currently CTD has complete information about the used car.
He said, the investigating team only found a thumb, finger, and some parts of the body of the alleged bomber Khalid aka Shaikh, along with vehicle parts and they were sure that these parts belong to the body of the suicide bomber.
The forensic and chemical examination was carried out of the recovered material and leads were exploited successfully.
He said that it was a most difficult and blind case and investigation teams interviewed more than 1000 individuals working on the Dasu
to Javed Iqbal, about 500 GB data of 36 cameras along 1400 KM long route of KKH was analyzed during the investigation to ascertain the car used in the attack.
Javed Iqbal said that sticker of Chaman2 motors led them to the showroom’s owner in Chaman who revealed that the car had been driven from Afghanistan and he procured it during November 2020.
A cell phone recovered from the cite led the investigators to the suspect Hussain who helped them to apprehend the second suspect Ayaz from Karachi.
Javed Iqbal said that a TTP affiliate Tariq based in Afghanistan was involved in the case and all culprits were facilitated and supported by the RAW and NDC in Afghanistan. Iqbal said that Tariq was group leader and operating the group from Afghanistan. Totall of 14 terrorists are involved in the attack and all those in Pakistan had been arrested by the LEAs.
Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi was of the view that the purpose of the attack was to sabotage the Chinese investment in the country and damage the ongoing economic and development cooperation between the two neighbors.
According to Qureshi both Pakistan and China had renewed their commitment to defeat the terrorism and their common enemies.
While responding to a media query, Qureshi informed the journalists that apparently Chinese side seems satisfied with the investigation into the incident, and they believed that Pakistan had done sufficient and transparently.
Qureshi said that the Dasu case was a blind and most difficult case, however, our professional institutions solved it through their hard work and professionalism.