imran address to pti workers

Decision on distribution of party tickets will be finalized in coming three days: Imran Khan

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has announced on Friday that he will take final decision in the coming three days regarding the distribution of party ticket for the upcoming general election.

This he said while addressing the disgruntled party workers gather and protesting for not giving them party ticket here at his residence Bani Gala Islamabad.

“ I swear that the tickets were given to the candidate on the basis of merit and there was no one is my relative ”, Imran added.

“We are contesting elections to win. We can only bring change once we win the polls,” Imran said. “As many as 4,500 candidates applied for the tickets. We have reviewed our decisions whereever there have been reservations.”

Imran said that he found the last three days most difficult of his life.

“I spent 126 days in sit-in, bit the last three days where I had to decide on the ticket allocation. They were the most difficult of all,” he said.

The PTI chief said that not a single party ticket was allocated to any of his family member contary to the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz.

“There is no merit in PML-N. They have given tickets to the wife, daughters of the influentials,” he took a jibe at the rival party.

Imran Khan also announces to start the election campaign from Mianwali on coming Sunday.


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