Degraded education system or personal prejudice!

Ayatullah Khan

‘‘Managers and educators lack the capability to change practice, often believing that their service is operating well, and are unaware of issues or risks to students. Poor quality practice is often entrenched and a lack of willingness or motivation to change prevails.”

Recently, I was taken aback when I inquired my best friend about his MPhil thesis; after one year of genuine and practical hard-work, his thesis was rejected.

He was told that, though the project was authentic but didn’t qualify for approval and it was a mere research paper not a thesis. Initially, it was awarded by supervisor and under the auspice of the same supervisor the whole year’s work was completed and then rejected by the same. You got me right, a whole year was wasted and the pains he had taken to complete the thesis was simply thrown to a dustbin!

In a country where a PhD scholar commits suicide due harassment by a male supervisor and where thesis and researches are being approved for luxury gifts, bribes and harassments; then one can imagine the situation. Why a scholar would commit suicide? This question shall be asked from these highly educated ill-minded monsters. They are the culprits and shall be questioned for the suicidal nightmares which they unleash on these innocent scholars for personal gains. It is not that our education system is that much strict and accountable, where they cannot forgo naive researches.

Rather, it is moth-eaten and rotten to the core where every supervisor seeks material gains or unleashes his unjustifiable prejudice. Every year countless students have been put through suicidal trauma and their innovations faces rejection by hypocritical supervisors.

Why after one year, he was told that the work he had done was not in-line with the requirements – though each step was checked and approved for the next. Why he was not informed at initial stages? How he would start something new afresh with this trauma?What’s the guarantee for the next approval? Why these scholars commit suicides?

Though, our politicians are not interested in education policy and some sort of mafia in higher education are calling the shots but let me warn you in the words of Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy “All education policies are cooking recipes; the final product depends upon ingredients”.

To these dejected souls I will put in the words of Mark Twain “Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.” To conclude, if we dream of a prosperous Pakistan then each and every case of research and thesis rejection should be investigated. As these innovative minds are our sole national treasure, who can relieve us from confronting national dilemmas; be that economic, social, political etc. Secondly, a transparent system of check and balance shall be implemented to prevent forgery and plagiarism and to encourage creativity.

Thirdly, thorough investigation should be launched against those who haunts our higher-education, the diluted factors shall be brought to afore and culprits shall be made accountable. Lastly, a third party should be involved between supervisor and student, to protect both from exploiting each other. This is the high-time for a nation-wide awareness to protect these precious minds and souls.

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