Dengue cases reduced; says Governor

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PESHAWAR: Due to the special interest and efficacy of Engineer Iqbal Zafar Jhagra, dengue cases have decreased significantly in KP especially Khyber Agency.

Dengue Response Unit FATA, on the instructions of the governor, has taken effective measures to prevent dengue virus prevalence. In the past three months, the total number of reported Dengue cases numbered 405 people, out of which 232 cases were from Khyber agency with only one death reported.

According to the report Khyber agency is the nearest to Peshawar due to which this disease has spread. Similarly, the people of FR Peshawar suffered from this disease.

On the directive of the Governor, Dengue response unit was set up after the first reported case.

Later, on the request of the governor, the Chief Minister of Punjab, sent Mobile hospital unit, which not only provided free medical facilitation in FATA but also in Peshawar.

The governor appreciated the success of Dengue Response Unit in ensuring ongoing comprehensive measures taken in eradicating the virus.

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