Dengue control plan

At last Khyber Pukhtunkhwa government has realised to prepare and put in place Dengue Control Action Plan. The estimated cost of the plan is Rs.2 billion which will cover both preventive and curative aspects of public health. The departments of Local government and Public Health Engineering shall be tasked to make coordinated efforts to cover the clean water tanks to eliminate the breeding chances of Dengue mosquito. In the outer environments including roads, streets and lanes effective insecticide spray shall be done with modern machinery. On the curative side, Isolation Wards shall be established in government hospitals.

Dengue fever visits the country every year with more intensity and its outbreak claims many lives in both urban and rural areas. It is worth appreciation that all relevant departments will be taken on board for the implementation of Dengue Control Action Plan, if approved. The issue had been agitated in these columns a number of times.
The successful implementation of ambitious Dengue eradication plan will need community participation. In the incomplete housing schemes open water tanks for construction purpose are the ideal breeding spots for dengue fly. Even after the completion of houses by contractors these tanks are left open. The Inspectors of Town Municipal Administrations can monitor the construction works in townships and strictly instruct the contractors to keep the water tanks properly covered and fill it after the completion of construction work. As far the insecticide spray, local government department does not have the resources to foot the bill for extensive insecticide spray inside houses. Last year an anti-Dengue spray was available at medicines stores. People can be motivated through mass awareness campaign to use it inside their dwellings to remain safe form mosquito bite.