Dengue fever claims one more life in Fiasalabad

Dengue fever claims one more life in Fiasalabad

F.P. Report

FAISALABAD: A 14-year-old boy succumbed to dengue fever in Faisalabad’s Allied Hospital, on Wednesday.

According to reports, the deceased was identified as Aryan and he was admitted in the hospital few days back after being diagnosed with dengue larvae. Apart from this, three other patients including two sisters have also been found infected with the virus.

With the recent increase in the number of patients fighting dengue, the toll of patients admitted in the Allied Hospital, this year has jumped to 27.

It may be noted that more than 1500 cases of dengue haemorrhagic fever have been reported so far in Islamabad which signalled the overspread of the mosquito-borne virus in the federal capital

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