Dengue is no more dangerous than Malaria

Dengue is no more dangerous than Malaria

Prof Dr Noor-ul-Eman

Both are spread by mosquito. We have accepted Malaia with all its consequences with no fear at all but psychologically we are not prepared to accept the occurrence of Dengue. Other factor being effective therapies available for treating malaria while treatment of Dengue remains symptomatic which creates panic.

With improving diagnostic facilities, awareness in general public, effective preventive measures, this year patients admission to tertiary care hospitals is far less compared to 2016 & 17. Masses are advised that panic need to be replaced by wisdom and wisdom dictates that we adopt effective preventive measures.

We need to reduce the chances of breeding the mosquitos  through a simple mean of covering standing fresh water. On individual basis, We need to reduce the chances of mosquito bites by wearing clothes that cover whole body, using mosquito knits and repellents. Mosquito spray would reduce chances of Dengue at community level.

The use of low grade strip test is creating panic among masses. General public must know that the same may please be confirmed by ELISA to confirm Dengue. Any one tested positive by strip test must consult appropriate health facility to confirm it by ELISA.

Author is Dean KMC

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