Denmark plans to lift Covid curbs on Feb 1

COPENHAGEN (AFP): The Danish government plans to lift its Covid restrictions on February 1, despite registering a record number of infections but with vaccine rates high, the health ministry said Wednesday.

“I would like… Covid-19 to no longer be categorised as a disease dangerous to society as of February 1”, Health Minister Magnus Heunicke wrote in a letter to lawmakers, proposing the de facto lifting of all domestic restrictions, such as mask-wearing and early closings for bars and restaurants.

The country of 5.8 million people registered 46,000 new cases on Tuesday, “but our current assessment is that the epidemic will soon peak”, Heunicke wrote on Twitter.

“We have good control over hospitalisation rates, thanks to a combination of 3.5 million Danes revaccinated and the less severe nature of Omicron.”

More than 60 percent of Danes have received a third dose, one month ahead of the health authorities’ schedule.

In addition, while the number of people hospitalised with a Covid infection continues to rise and has now exceeded 900, the Danish Health Authority said that 35 percent of those were actually in hospital for another diagnosis.