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Design framework approved for uplift of Kabul city

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KABUL: The design framework for the development of Kabul city was approved during the meeting of the high council of urban development chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani. According to the Office of the President, ARG Palace, the new design framework was presented as a substitute for the JICA plan and has five sections, including the development framework, design framework for the development of Darul Aman Road, development framework for Shahid Masood Road, development framework for the infrastructures, and implementing instructions.

The acting chief of the urban development directorate of the Ministry of Urban Development Housing Zakir Faraz said the implementation of the plan will require capacities, preparation of the regulations, and administration of the properties, budget, and preparation of a special framework for the public and private partnership. In his turn, President Ghani said the projects that could be implemented over a short period of time should be referred to the specific institutions and the duties and responsibilities of each institution must be specified.

Kabul Municipality’s plan and policy Chief Sahar Hamdard shared information regarding the distribution of the alternative properties in order to start work on the expansion of Shahid Mazari and Urfani roads. She said the two plans have been prepared for the Qoragh Mountain which includes land for 403 plots with all facilities and the second plan includes 163 acres of land for 455 commercial and residential plots.

According to ARG Palace, the meeting participants approved the second plan after comprehensive talks but it was emphasized that the types of the residential plots (yards or blocks), green areas, and commercial plots should be specified and issues related to the identification of soil, water supply, waste water management, and solar system should also be considered.


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