Despair and objectivity of power

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Ramil Garifullin

First, about the essence and logic of what is happening in the Russia-Ukraine-USA triangle. It is where there are many arguments and answers to questions. Where experts refuse to bring logic and interviews on this score, there is emotional propaganda and delusions. One of them said: “You tell me your opinion, just do not interview me.” Often, where there is a refusal to answer questions on the air, emotional propaganda begins. It is possible to understand the tasks of such experts. Especially when they live in Ukraine.
According to other experts, on the contrary, there are funds and one should not assume that Russia, led by Vladimir Putin, is ready for a big war. No, not ready. Putin is still a judo genius and master of special operations, but not a world boxing champion. The troops will not move anywhere …
And yet, closer to the essence and logic of what is happening.
After all, how well it all started! Globalization of the World. One green dollar blood! Internet!
Alas! At a certain stage, American sanctions began. And now no country can guarantee that something will not be turned off. Now you have to have your own! Yes, it is difficult after the globalization drug addict, which the United States was hooked on. And drug addicts, as you know, first add, and then begin to show their ulterior motives and sanctions influence.The problem of why Russia is addicted to these gratuitous goods and trusted is the problem of another article.
And so, after sobering up from the globalization intoxication, sobering up came to the countries. That is, the time has come for the countries to return to themselves!
Now the Chinese have geopolitical interests in the South China Sea. Europe has geopolitical interests where nuclear-armed missiles with close flight times to Russian territory can be deployed. Do Americans have interests all over the world?
In the context of all this, Russia recently, in the person of Putin, also formulated its geopolitical interests for the first time – these are the countries of the former Soviet Union.
We must not prejudice ourselves in expressing our interests related to the survival of Russia as a system that can be destroyed if its integrity is violated and that integrity is defended under the influence of NATO.
The problem with Ukraine and Russia’s reaction to Ukraine were initiated by NATO’s behavior. And not vice versa. See the chronology .. Do not confuse the cause with the effect.
All of the above has to do with the essence of what is happening, and it would be wrong to ignore this essence, reducing Putin’s behavior to subjectivity.
Russia is not guided by a dead-end arbitrariness, but proceeds from the essence of what is happening. And the essence of what is happening lies in the survival of our Fatherland, regardless of the fact that the Russian government has discredited itself by kleptocracy and the export of its capital to the West. I would like to believe that the Russian authorities are sobering up in this regard, and the West will not allow itself to parasitize.

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