Devotees attend Madhu Lal Hussain urs celebrations in Lahore

F.P. Report

LAHORE: The three-day annual urs celebrations of Sufi poet Shah Hussain also known as Madhu Lal Husain began in Lahore’s Baghbanpura area on Saturday.

Devotees made their way to the shrine where they laid floral wreaths and lit clay lamps to participate in the Mela Chiraghan (the festival of lights).

While no one knows when this festival began, devotees say that 50 years ago the urs celebrations were marked with such a high attendance that people would be seen queued up from Delhi Gate to Shalimar.

As the story goes, Hazrat Shah Hussain had great affection for a Hindu boy named Madhu Lal owing to which he began being called Madhu Lal Hussain. In keeping with the tradition, some devotees are also seen dressed in red to honour the memory of the Sufi poet.

“This is a place of relief. Whoever comes here will find the same,” said one of the devotees attending the mela.

The urs is marked by the dhamaal performance which is done on the beat of the dhol.

This mela is now celebrated not just as part of the annual urs celebrations but also offers trade opportunities to small scale vendors.