Diabetic patients needs to consult doctors before fasting

Diabetic patients needs to consult doctors before fasting

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ISLAMABAD: Medical experts strongly advised diabetic patients to take their medical condition into consideration, well in advance, before fasting.

“Many patients often opt for self-medication, based on their or others’ personal experiences, while trying to maintain their sugar level. Doctors treating diabetic patients should encourage their patients to regularly visit and seek advice before fasting,” said medical expert Hina Basit.

Speaking on what measures should be taken to make people aware of medical conditions, Hina Basit said that diabetes centres should hold comprehensive meetings a few months before Ramazan, and leaflets and booklets containing information and advice for fasting diabetic patients should be made available in the waiting areas of hospitals and clinics at least three months before the month.

She emphasized conducting special classes as well as efficiently using the media to propagate information through health programmes.

Patients with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, who choose to fast, need to be given specific information on fasting and recommendations on therapeutic changes.

They need to be warned against skipping meals, taking medication irregularly, overeating during the night time or consuming sugary drinks, or fried food.




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