Dialogue is the only solution to turmoil in Pakistan

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Federal Minister for Poverty Alleviation & Social Safety(PA&SS)and Chairperson Benazir Income Support Programme(BISP) – Ma’am Shazia Marri expressed grief over incidents that took place on 9th of May and it will be remembered as the blackest day in the country’s history. She expressed these views during a joint press conference along with Mr. Murtaza Wahab, Advisor to CM Sindh here at Karachi.

“Entire country is upset on what happened on May 9: security installation were attacked, Pakistani flag was burnt, historic buildings were set on fire, public and personal property was destroyed and damaged, animals were burnt alive, personal property of media personnel was set on fire and the list goes on. All this was done on instructions of PTI leadership to bring disgrace to the nation” said the Federal Minister.

Lambasting at PTI, she said, there are multiple video evidences of this fascist party promoting terrorism in Pakistan and blind followers of this party who vandalised state property will be dealt with iron hand. “His party leadership repeatedly asked followers to come out of their homes and attack Corps Commander’s House, Army Houses and important installations. He kept pressurising people to vandalise state property and harm state institutions. Pakistan is our red line and anyone who will try to cross it will have to face the wrath, we only exist because of our country.” said the Federal Minister.

Ironically, she said, none of PTI leadership , including Imran Khan Niazi, condemned the tragic occurrences. “Entire political career of Imran Khan is based on creating conspiracies, blaming others, promoting anarchy, chaos, enmity and mischief just to satisfy his ego and lust for power.” said the Federal Minister.

The minister recalled that when Shaheed Benazir Bhutto was martyred in 2007, Pakistan People Party asked workers to stay calm and not to destroy public or private property because this party believes in peace and supremacy of rule and law. “Unlike PTI that promoted terrorism because their leader was arrested for being involved in corruption worth million of dollars.” said the Federal Minister. Replying to a question asked by the media Federal Minister said that,” dialogue is the only solution to political problems prevailing in Pakistan, it is high time that Imran Khan Niazi should keep his self interests at a side and think about Pakistan and the problems it is facing.”

Continuing the press conference Mr. Murtaza wahab added that what PTI workers did was nothing but terrorism and the whole nation has condemned this act. “What Imran Khan is doing is not politics but terrorism and anti-state activities. Imran is ego driven man, first he pressurised his followers to vandalise public and private property then he completely dissociated himself from all that happened.

He was enjoying VIP protocol at police lines while his party workers and followers were in jail because of him. It is high time that PTI leadership and followers should open their eyes and see how they are being manipulated by one man to satisfy his ego and hunger for power” Said Murtaza Wahab.