Diplomatic and legal victory

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The International of Justice (ICJ) in 15-1 majority verdict rejected Indian plea for the annulment of death sentence of RAW agent Commander KabushanJadhav. However, the verdict asks Pakistan to review the sentence handed down to Indian spy and giving him consular access by making a reference to the Article 36 of Vienna Convention on Consular Relation. The adhoc Judge of Pakistan on the ICJ Bench, Justice TassadiqHussainJilani, in his dissenting note, has vividly rebutted the misinterpretation of this Article and explained that it does not apply to the agents of foreign spy agencies. The honourable Judge wrote that the authors of Vienna Convention may have not even thought about the inclusion of any kind of concession to spy operatives of foreign intelligence agencies.

The ICJ verdict is diplomatic and legal victory for Pakistan for which the ruling PTI leadership, intelligent team of foreign office officials and of course the Attorney General Anwar Mansoor Khan deserve all praise of the people. The last PML-N government did not take the KalbushanJadhav issue seriously when India took the matter to the forum of ICJ. The right of appointing an adhoc judge on the bench was not exercised in the first hearing of the case. Likewise, the then Attorney General of Pakistan AshtraoAusaf Ali was not sent to attend the hearing, giving more room for maneuvering and manipulations to India at this international legal forum. It irked not only the people of the country but agitated the minds of senior politicians who hold supreme the interest of Pakistan and love to live and die for their motherland. A senior PPP leader and legal mind of international repute BaristerAitezazAhsan lamented over the indifferent attitude of the Chief Executive of the country towards this important issue in his speech in the Senate and said if Nawaz Sharif once utters the name of KalbushanJadhav then he would give a donation of Rs.50, 000 to an orphanage. But the former Prime Minster remained tight lipped on this issue till his disqualification in Panama Papers Case.

As usual Indian media demonstrated non-professionalism during the media talk of Pakistan’s Attorney General outside the ICJ premises in The Hague. Instead of asking relevant questions about the verdict, the Indian Journalists resorted to criticism on him. A leading Pakistani English daily news paper in its net edition on Wednesday, which published in the past a fabricated news story targeting a state institution and supporting Indian narrative therein, also applied mass communication techniques to highlight the mentioning of Article36 of Vienna Convention and review of Jadhav death sentence and totally ignoring the jest of dissenting note of Pakistani Judge on the ICJ Bench Justice TassadaqHussainJilani.

The contents of ICJ verdict imply that India is involved in exporting state sponsored terrorism to destabilize its neighbouring country Pakistan. It has deflated the balloon of Indian narrative against Pakistan and, hopefully, the government will build and effective counter narrative for the projection of soft image of the country through embassies and diplomatic missions abroad.

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