Diplomatic Security Service Leads U.S. Security at the World Cup

F.P. Report

WASHINGTON: The Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) is the security lead for the United States at the 2022 FIFA Men’s World Cup in Doha, Qatar. DSS personnel in Qatar are serving in liaison, advisory, and security support roles to protect the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team as well as U.S. corporate stakeholders and U.S. citizens attending the World Cup.

“The Diplomatic Security Service has decades of experience leading international security events and we are committed to the safety of U.S. citizens and athletes attending the FIFA World Cup in Doha, Qatar,” said Andrew Wroblewski, deputy assistant secretary and assistant director of DSS domestic operations.

Mr. Wroblewski chairs the International Security Event Group, a multi-agency body of more than 20 U.S. agencies, responsible for coordinating all U.S. security and law enforcement planning for major overseas events such as the World Cup.

“The Diplomatic Security Service has numerous special agents and analysts managing a Joint Operations Center at the U.S. Embassy in Doha, a 24/7 security operation that is also supported by our interagency partners,” said Wroblewski

Security planning for major sporting events like the World Cup starts over two years in advance.    DSS is responsible for coordinating with U.S. interagency, and Qatari government law enforcement and security agencies to ensure a safe and secure competition.

The Diplomatic Security Service has the largest global presence of any U.S. law enforcement organization, operating at more than 270 U.S. diplomatic posts in over 170 countries, and in 32 U.S. cities. The organization investigates transnational crimes and protects State Department facilities, people, and information as part of its mission to lead worldwide security and law enforcement efforts that advance U.S. foreign policy and safeguard national security interests.