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Disabled Afghan soldier seeks promised foreign care

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KABUL: Ali Murad, an army soldier, who served as a de-miner (land mine clearer), saved more than a thousand lives, by his reckoning, with his work.

But now he is suffering from a disability because of war wounds, and his wife has divorced him. He lost both feet and one hand in a Taliban attack three years ago and now the suffering, he says, has become excruciating.

“They gave me a two-month holiday and said that after the two months if I still was suffering they would send me abroad, but after two months they delivered me to the Daoud Khan Military Hospital in Kabul, and their people told me that I needed a guarantee form from the parliament, but I did not know MPs,” said Murad.

Murad, as a de-miner, has saved many peoples’ lives–including military personnel– in Herat, Khost, and Paktia provinces. He said he has defused more than thousands of mines.

Ali is the only son of his family and after his parent’s death, his wife divorced him. Now his neighbors take care of him. “I am a son of the country, and because of my country I lost my feet and hand, and I need medical help,” said Ali Murad.

“The responsible organizations can take care of him easily, and can send him to other countries, not only him but others also,” said, Ghulam Hassan Majroh, a former military officer.

Local officials of Herat province said that they are trying to solve the problem in coordination with the Defense Ministry.

“If the man registers his demands officially, we will help him, and with the Ministry of Defense we will solve his problems,” added JelaniFarhad, spokesman for Herat governor.

Based on local officials’ statistics, more than 150 security forces have become disabled in the current year (1398) and the statistics show that the rate of security forces’ disability cases has increased by 30 percent compared to last year.(TOLOnews)

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