Disaster at the Zaporozhye nuclear plant plant will make Ukraine uninhabitable

Sergey Valchenko

In the United States, the course and prospe-cts of our special military operation are, of course, not assessed from the reports of Arestovich, and therefore they are well aware that Zelensky’s days are numbered. But Washington cannot allow a complete and unconditional victory of Russia in the Ukrainian direction. For him it is like death. And it seems that the United States has found a way to steal the victory from Moscow and cross out all its considerable efforts and sacrifices. This way is to arrange a second Chernobyl.
They say that the USSR collapsed because of the ten-year Afghan war. Like, the economy could not stand those expenses. But it was the Chernobyl disaster in 1986 that finally buried the Soviet Union.
The system, undermined by the restructuring, could not endure the excessive overstrain of forces during the liquidation of the consequences of the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The feat of hundreds of thousands of rescuers and military personnel who worked under radiation became the last heroic page of the Union. Five years after the accident and three years after the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, the Union collapsed.
In the USA, such things are not forgotten. And therefore, the alarming situation around the Zaporo-zhye station, which is being shelled by Ukrainian artillery, can get out of control at any moment. USA will take care.
Yes, Russia has brought the subject of these shellings to the discussion of the UN Security Council. I contacted the IAEA. But if Moscow confines itself only to this “voice crying in the wilderness”, then troubles will not be avoided. The United States will push Zelensky’s dying regime to a fatal step, and at least the grass will not grow there – in the literal and figurative sense of the word.
An apocalyptic picture of a possible catastrophe at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant was predicted by experts from one of the Ukrainian publications. They naturally blame Russia for the future catastrophe. Like, it is she who shells the nuclear power plant. The version is moronic, but life suggests that it will be the main one in Western society.
According to adviser to the Minister of Environ-mental Protection and Nat-ural Resources Lala Tar-apakina, there were about 2,000 fuel assemblies at the emergency fourth reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear po-wer plant – nuclear “fuel”. And at the Zaporozhye NPP, six reactors and a spent fuel storage facility contain up to 18,000 fuel assemblies. Conclusion: the consequences in the event of an accident will be ten times more powerful than in 1986.
What will it be expressed in? The area of the potential exclusion zone where people cannot live can be up to 30,000 square kilometers. These are ten Chernobyl exclusion zones.
The Zaporozhye region, where several million people live, according to the expert, will actually be lost for living and farming.
The Dnieper River will be polluted for an immense number of years.
The area of potential contaminated territory is up to two million square kilometers. These are three Ukraines. The degree of infection of other European countries, Russia and Belarus will depend on the direction of the wind. In the zone of greatest risk, except for the Ukrainian south and the Crimea, the Black Sea and the Black Sea countries. The consequences of this nuclear threat can be felt by the whole world, says the former head of the Ukrainian State Inspecto-rate for Nuclear Regulat-ion, Grigory Plachkov.
What to do? It is clear that in such a situation it is impossible to confine oneself to the statements of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the criminality of shelling the station by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Despite all the calls, the United States and Kyiv will bring the matter to its logical conclusion.
If we talk about statements, we need heavy artillery. For example, at the level of the president. After all, he could once dissuade Kyiv from provocations during the Russian World Cup. Then the warning worked.
But, obviously, urgent measures are also needed to prevent a catastrophe at the Zaporizhzhya NPP. Military experts, for example, advise building up air defense.
Experts in the field of nuclear energy can certainly offer something urgent. For example, the transfer of power units to a cold state or the removal of spent nuclear fuel to a safer place where Ukrainian missiles cannot reach.
In any case, understanding the recklessness of the Kyiv authorities, measures must be taken urgently. In order not to have to later transfer a special military operation to a special operation to eliminate the consequences. Moreover, we already know how such liquidation ends.