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After disqualification Nawaz became victim of judiciary in nations eyes: Javed Hashmi

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MULTAN: Senior Politician, Makhdoom Javed Hashmi has said after the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif by Supreme Court in Panama Case made him victim of judiciary and the decision increased his popularity.

Hashmi said this while talking to local journalists at Multan. He added that I always claimed that Nawaz Sharif is an elected prime minister and we need to give respect to the people wish despite the political differences and his undemocratic removal from his post will hurt the people.

Regarding the PTI, Hashmi said that PTI is the party of conspiracies and all the conspirators gathered in the same roof and he did warned the PML-N leadership about the coming storm towards them but they did not take their revelations seriously and now they were victims of it.

Javed Hashmi further added that respect of people vote needs to be maintain otherwise it will ruin the country and because of this attitude we already lost half of our country in 1971, now we need to think of our country and leave the dirty politics to make sure to prevent our country from chaos.


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