Distribution of old ID cards starts in 5 Herat district

Distribution of old ID cards starts in 5 Herat district

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HERAT CITY: Old national identity cards (NICs) — locally called tazkeras, has been kicked off and is being distributed in five district of Herat province, an official said on Sunday.

Local officials considered the launch of NIC distribution a facility for the masses ahead of the upcoming Wolesi Jirga and district council elections, scheduled for October this year.

Abdul Ali Faqiryar, the Pushtkoh district chief, said the process would continue over the next four months in Herat City. He added residents of Shindand, Zor, Zerkoh, Zawal and Pushtkoh could get their old NICs in Herat City, the provincial capital.

Farid Ahmad Amani, in charge of the tazkera distribution in Pusht Koh, said: “People are interested in and are happily receiving their tazkeras. We have also set up mobile teams to help residents get their identity documents.

Meanwhile some residents of Pushtkoh district, who visited to the sites to get their tazkeras, acknowledged necessary facilities had been provided for applicants in the provincial capital, where the old cards are being issued.

Fazal Ahmad, a resident of the area, said: “I am really happy that the government has created this facility for the people of Herat. Inhabitants of these five districts have been facing insecurity.”

He warned the masses might not take part in the polls if security was not provided.



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