District assembly session passes resolution against DC

District assembly session passes resolution against DC

Rifaqat Ullah Razarwal

CHARSADDA: The district council here on Tuesday passed an anonymous resolution in assembly against use of derogatory language and inappropriate attitude of Deputy Commissioner with journalists and formed an inquiry committee to investigate the facts.

The meeting was presiding by Deputy Nazim Musawir Shah Durrani. The District Nazim Fahad Riaz Khan shows serious concerns and said that media is consider the fourth pillar of the state. They journalist are representing societies for better improvement of the people.

He questioned how a responsible officer can deal with public with inappropriate attitude? He added adopting of irresponsible demeanor of DC Charsadda is lead to chagrin and in this matter the district council’s sympathies are with journalists. Fahad ordered to form an inquiry committee to open neutral inquiry against the indecent incident. The facts would be sent to provincial government for further legal actions.

Ajmal Khan, an opposition leader revealed that it is an alarming situation despite the polio vaccination a 19-month-old kid diagnosed with crippling polio virus in village Sarki Tetara. District polio coordinator Dr. Feroz shah responded to assembly that the health department investigated the reason of polio affected child, he explained that after research the child was found a severe shortage of food. Dr. Feroz demanded to public representative to assist for exultant of polio campaign.

A parliamentary leader Shahid Ullah show grievances that why the public representatives ignored on Defense day by district administration and arboriculture campaign? He asked to issue an explanation note to the responsible authorities. The district members also demanded to take a notice of an excessive load-shedding in rural areas otherwise they will compel to refuse the polio vaccination next time.

Another hand the opposition parties walk out in regard of unsound cleanliness situation of assembly hall and frequently tripping of electricity. The District Nazim Fahad Riaz, Naib Nazim Musawir Shah assured journalist for construction of a computer lab and installation of solar system, the fund will release in coming budget.

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