Divorce cases and family system

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The divorce is a sorrowful and heartbreaking act which ever scratches a family into pieces and specifically put deep effects on woman’s life, mental and psychological health. A shocking scene had been witnessed by the court during hearing of divorce case at Peshawar High Court on Thursday, when a mother of two children namely Mehnaz bibi, sacrificed 125-gram gold for the sake of her children in a family dispute case. A three-member SC bench comprising Justice Mushir Alam, Justice Yahya Afridi and Justice Qazi Muhammad Amin Ahmed heard the case filed by Zainullah Shah against the Peshawar High Court order in recovery of dower amount and Custody of the Minors.

During hearing, the court granted the appeal of father Zainullah against the Peshawar High Court decision. The Court ordered Zainullah to pay 125-gram gold to mother Mehnaz Bibi as dowry.

The children’s father, Zainullah, had challenged the Peshawar High Court’s decision in the Supreme Court. Addressing the counsel for the petitioner, Justice Yahya Afridi asked his client had failed to prove the case of 125-gram gold at any court forum. He asked would it be okay if the mother got two children for 125-gram gold. The counsel for the mother said that the mother was ready to sacrifice 125-gram gold for her two children and thus a mother rebirth her two children for 125-gram gold.

As per the teaching of Islam and saying of Our holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), divorce as the most unpleasant or dislike act ever permissible in Islam. It scratches the whole family, creates hatred, and badly distorted the family system. Divorce is a major social issue in our society, and the ratio of divorce is increasing every single day. There are several reasons of divorce including financial issues like unemployment or low income, teenage marriages, trust deficit, joint family system, decreasing religious value and lack of education. Divorce effects the couple lives, their children, families, and society as whole. Separation between parents severely damage the children’s mental health, Psychology and develop a feeling of loss, anger, stress, and anxiety in their minds. During the process of divorce, division of assets or dowry become a big issue between the parties as happened din the case of Ms. Mehnaz bibi. Similarly, it badly hurt the women than men and mostly mothers paid huge sacrifices for the future of their kids. According to reports, currently, in Pakistan, about 22 percent of women and 21 percent of men have been facing this tragic fate annually during recent years. However, due to coronavirus pandemic in the country, the ratio of divorce cases raised up to 722 per cent across the country during the year 2020.

The divorce is a social problem, besides misunderstanding of couple, role of close relatives and family members in make and break of a marriage is very critical. Mostly, due to joint family system, the whole burden of making the marriage successful falls on the shoulders of the bride, and in case of failure she is usually blamed for that. In fact, it is our inability to follow the teaching of Islam which had led to the failure and destruction of our social fabrics. There is need of social and religious work to end this social evil which is hurting our women and innocent children every day, so no other Mehnaz goes through this painful episode in future.

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