Doctor allegedly beaten female nurse in Kabul hospital

KABUL (Ariana News): A physician in a state-run hospital has allegedly beaten a female nurse.

Karima, a pseudonym for a nurse in the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Kabul, claims that she was mistreated and beaten by Doctor Zaman late on Saturday when she wanted to go for prayer.

According to Ms. Karima, she was beaten in front of the eyes of her colleagues in the hospital.

The nurse is working in the government hospital since nine months. She was on-duty on Saturday night when the incident happened.

“He said it is not the time for praying. Then he started cursing me and slapped in my face. He grabbed and pulled my hairs,” Karima described the scene of what happened with her.

She further claimed that the physician is continuously mistreating the hospital staff.

Some family members of the nurse, including her brother and her mother were also gathered in front of the hospital, accusing the doctor for mistreating with Karima.

Najim, the brother of Karima also said that he was beaten by the doctor and his colleague when he came to support his sister.

Police did not allowed Ariana News reporter to enter into the hospital and interview the accused doctor or impartial staff of the hospital.

However, officials in the Ministry of Public Health said the issues is under their investigation.

“Our colleagues are investigating this issue,” said Nezamuddin Jalil, the Head of Specialized Hospitals in the Ministry of Public Health.

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