Doctors call for collective effort against COVID-19

Monitoring Desk

KABUL: The Afghanistan Medical Council, the Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Higher Education and Afghanistan Telecommunication Regularity Authority (ATRA) launched the first online meeting between Afghan doctors inside and outside the country, during which medical experts stressed the need for more robust cooperation among the institutions to help fight coronavirus in a more effective way.

The online meeting of Afghan doctors was also attended by heads of several government institutions.

The Afghanistan Medical Council believes that such meetings will help doctors and health workers to share their expertise and increase their capacity in providing better health services to the people, particularly to those suffering from coronavirus.

“With the help of e-learning, and distance learning, made possible by the Ministry of Higher Education and the technical cooperation of ATRA, this will be implemented at the district level and then at the province level all over the country,” said Nasreen Oryakhel, the head of the Afghanistan Medical Council.

“Today our every work is meant not only to safeguard our own lives but also the lives of the people in the society,” said Ahmad Siyar Mahjoor, deputy minister of higher education on finance.

Meanwhile, a number of participants at the event voiced their respect for the health workers and doctors who resist fear and are committed to serving the coronavirus patients.

“Motivation and ethics are more important than anything else today,” said Wahid Majroh, the deputy Minister of Health. So far, up to 150 doctors and health workers in Afghanistan have been infected with the coronavirus. Of that figure, 4 doctors have lost their lives. (TOLOnews)