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Doctors, health professionals our real heroes in fight against coronavirus

Wadood Jan

Faith or love for humanity, whatever the reason could be, but the real life heroes are fighting aliens who are thirsty for souls. Exactly the doctors, nurses and paramedics are real life heroes who are in continuous struggle to beat coronavirus.

These health professionals have the same fears as we have but their mission lead them to pass through dreadful routes where corona mostly ambush at them as they are fighting at front.

Believe it these health professionals are wonderful as they are acting a hope for the broken humanity.

At hospitals and other contact centres, they are too occupied with investigating and dealing corona infected persons and guiding them on what may bring peace and patience to a patient.

Doctors and other health professionals are endeavouring to set up a healthy society back and spread smiles with wide open mouths with no masks on.

At the same time when people laud the efforts of doctors and health professionals, they are also praying to Almighty for their safety.

Sharing ideas on prevalent situation, a few persons expressed that once the menace of corona meets its death, they will gather on roads and streets to pay thanks to doctors and other health staff.

They said that government should also consider their services and it is the time to address their issues and make them strong for future.

They also expressed that the government should learn from the recent turmoil and strengthen the heath system and make available all essential facilities and improve services.

The society is thankful to doctors and other health professionals for this immense and most appreciated services.

The Frontier Post stands by the doctors and health professionals against coronavirus outbreak and supporting them in this lives saving and heroic task.

Write to us at fppeshawar@thefrontierpost.com if you want to share your views regarding coronavirus outbreak.

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