Doctors’ promotion

The process of general cadre doctors’ promotion from BS-18 to BS-20 in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa is at stand standstill for the past several years for the reasons such as lack of service structure, seniority issues, delays in writing and countersignature of PERs and litigations in courts. It is not likely that meeting of Provincial Selection Board could be convened during the current year to decide pending cases of doctors’ promotion. At present 1551 posts from BS-18 and above are vacant in the Health Department.

Bleak prospect of promotion against general cadre posts and curtailment of TMOs vacancies in MTI hospitals from 702 to 355 have sent shock wave of disillusionment among the young doctors, who are keen to serve the humanity along with building their future career in this noble profession. Previously, they had the opportunity of giving PLAB and USMLE examinations to pursue specialization programme and get better living abroad. These opportunities have also shrunk now. The frustrated young doctors are compelled to switch over to other professions, whereas the health infrastructure needs rapid expansion as UNDP health index 2016 paints a very dismal picture of healthcare system. There are glaring inefficiencies in both preventive and curative sides of the system. Will the provincial government give serious consideration to doctors’ promotion, expansion of service structure and building new hospitals to cater to the requirements of increasing population as more financial resources are being transferred to provinces under 7th NFC Award, which can be spent on setting up new hospitals?