Doctors from US did round of ICU LRH through video link

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar where for the first time intensivist from US did e-round of general ICU and have a detailed discussion about every patient admitted in ICU at LRH.

The press release issued here from LRH  stated that a well known intensivist from US Dr. Rashid Hanif playing an important role to mobilize Pakistani doctors from US, GULF and UK to join this noble cause to transfer their expertise and  skills through video link to the doctors who are working in the ICU’s of LRH.

Dr. Sajid Mehmood working as an intensevist in the US is one of the doctors who has been doing  e-rounding  of the ICU for the last 6 days said that the doctors working in ICU are very professional and he was very impressed to see that LRH doctors are following international protocols which benefits the patients directly.

Dr. Sajid added that US and other developed countries are very advanced in research in medical field and this activity will help to exchange the modern techniques with the doctors working in LRH ICU.

Dr. Sheheryar In charges general ICU said that we are getting instant response from qualified intensevists from abroad which really helps to improve the techniques. He said that it is a very fruitful activity which benefits the patients.

Medical director LRH Prof Dr. Mukhtiar Zaman said that under the MOU signed with KMCAANA we are providing every opportunity to the doctors of LRH to have access to advance  and research based techniques. He added that LRH is the only public sector hospital where specialist doctors from abroad can see the patients admitted in ICU of LRH.