Don’t let Afghan girls become victims of global politics

NEW YORK (Khaama Press): At the UN General Assembly, Somaya Farouqi, the captain of the Afghan girls’ robotics team, pleaded with the authorities and global leaders to not allow Afghan girls to become the “casualties of global politics.”

Addressing the UN General Assembly at the UN headquarters on Monday night, September 19, Farouqi called on the world leaders to not allow Afghanistan to become a “cemetery of our dreams and goals.”

According to the captain of the Afghan girls’ robotics team, the Taliban closed schools to millions of girls in Afghanistan after assuming control, and there are currently no signs that the group will reopen, allowing access to education to Afghan girls.

Somaya Farouqi told the UN General Assembly that while Afghan boys sit in class, millions of Afghan girls are forced to stay at home, living in uncertainty, and feeling abandoned.

Due to the Taliban’s absence of international recognition, they were not invited to the UN General Assembly’s annual meeting. Naseer Ahmad Faiq, Chargé d’Affaires of Afghanistan’s Permanent Mission in the UN, will speak on behalf of Afghanistan.

In addition to the Taliban’s draconian measures against women, it has been over a year that girls have been denied education as school doors have remained closed for girls, which has sparked public outrage.