Don’t malign judiciary if verdict comes out against you: chief justice

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar on Saturday hit out at those criticising the judiciary for issuing judgements that they deemed unfavourable.

Addressing a seminar in Lahore, Justice Nisar said the perception should be ended that the judiciary has become a part of a bigger plan or design.

Referring to the judiciary using the analogy of a baba (village elder), he said: “The judiciary is your baba… do not doubt its integrity,” he said.

Without naming any names, he said, “If a decision is issued against you, don’t abuse [the judiciary] by saying the baba has become a part of a design or a grand plan.

“The baba has neither become a part [of a plan], and neither will it.”

The chief justice those against whom a judgement has been issued have the right to criticise the reason behind the verdict, but “where have the plans emerged from? where have the pressures come from?”

He said no one has been born who dictated the court what line to take in deciding a case.

He said the judiciary and lawyers will have make joint efforts to provide cheap justice to the common man.

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