Don’t murder builders of the nation

Wadood Jan

The profession of teaching and teachers have always been appreciated on every forum and in lofty meetings but like almost no every wanted to be a teacher or asked their children to choose teaching as career in life ahead because in Pakistan teacher in private schools in the lowest paid person.

A teacher in private sector hardly earns a few thousand rupees which may range from 5000 to 18000 or maximum 20000.

This amount hardly covers his expenses. A teacher is always hand to mouth. He or she being contented with whatever he or she earns but the recent corona pandemic outbreak snatched away that low income from them and teacher have been living in distress for a couple of months.

Majority of schools and many colleges have either kicked teachers out or refused to pay them those petty salaries.

The government directed the sector to pay salaries to teachers but unfortunately teachers have been deprived from salaries.

Some of the schools or other educational institutions have owned the stance that the provincial government has announced that recent vacations could be termed as summer vacations and with the pretext have refused to pay teachers.

Teachers are the builders of the nation but these builders are suffering hunger and other issues like paying utility bills, house rents.

They schools and other educational institutions have been sending text messages and making phone call to students and their parents to pay or deposit the fee. If on one hand they are receiving fee from students then on other hand they are paying teachers and have pushed them to miseries.

The government and others departments or officials concerned should look into the situation and develop a strategy to make the institutions to pay their teacher or soon the builders of the nation will be seen begging or dying of miseries.