DPO visits bazaars without security

Ghulam Mursalin Marwat

LAKKI MARWAT: Lakki Marwat district police chief Arif Shehbaz Khan became a topic of discussion after his photos visiting city bazaars without security guards went viral on social media prompting people from different walks of life to post comments on them.

Without police escort Arif Shehbaz visited bazaars in lorry adda, Meenakhel and Mela Mandi localities for shopping. Wearing black color shalwar qameez the district police officer also went to the shops and outlets located in the populated parts of the city and argued with shopkeepers on rates of different items.

He bought goods of his choice but surprisingly the traders could not recognize him. The cops posted in Lakki police station and city police post were also unaware about their boss visit to the bazaars of urban area.

They would have made their presence before their boss had they any knowledge about his visit to city bazaars. A social media activist took photos of DPO Arif Shehbaz visiting bazaars and business places like an ordinary man and posted them on face book inviting people from different walks of life to comment.

Many people took the move a right direction towards better coordination and cooperation between citizens and police officials. “Such visits help to enhance people’s confidence in police and remove fears and apprehensions among them for security of life and property”, said Ahmad Iqbal Paris.

Another citizen Imran Marwat commented that visits by police officers to bazaars and urban localities would pave the way to tighten noose around drug traffickers and gamblers. “People do not feel any fear sensing presence of brave and gallant cops among them”, he added.

A member of bikers club Sanam Gul termed the presence of district police officer in bazaars a sign of sustainable peace in the area. He said that such visits would help police officials to learn about happenings and problems faced by citizens and play a role to solve them.

“It was a matter of great surprise for me to notice DPO Arif Shebaz visiting bazaars without any protocol and police escort”, said Hamad Mustafa in his comments posted on social media. I recognized police chief and offered him to have a cup of tea with me but he didn’t accept”, he added. Many citizens, in their comments, appreciated district police officer and declared him a brave cop of police department.