Drought Crisis: Farmers complain of lack of fodder

BAMIYAN (TOLOnews): Livestock farmers in Bamiyan said that animal fodder has decreased due to drought in the province, which has made agriculture, especially feeding livestock, very challenging.
The lack of fodder is not the only problem of livestock farmers in Bamiyan, but the occurrence of various animal diseases has also had a bad effect on livestock farming and has reduced the income of livestock farmers.
Mohammad Kazem is one of the livestock farmers in Bamiyan. He said that he used to keep nearly 100 sheep, but now he cannot provide fodder for his 10 sheep.
“The drought affected me so much that I was keeping fifty or sixty sheep at that time and that was easy for me. Now that I keep ten sheep, we are in trouble. Now our children are shepherding them. I give them water from the well,” said Mohammad Kazem.
Livestock farmers said that in the past they covered their living expenses from livestock farming, but now it has become difficult for them.
“Drought and persistent pests have faced people with challenges, which has reduced the number of people’s livestock year by year,” said Mohammad Alim, a livestock farmer.
“Eighty percent of the people have sold their livestock because of both disease and drought,” said Mohammad Baqir, a livestock farmer.
Meanwhile, the Department of Agriculture and Livestock of Bamiyan said that during this solar year it has distributed 900 tons of animal feed and 250,000 doses of vaccines to the residents to support livestock.
“We had distributed 900 tons of animal feed and also had 250,000 doses of vaccines in the province,’ said Gulabuddin Rab Dost, head of the Department of Agriculture and Livestock of Bamiyan.
After agriculture in Bamiyan, livestock is the second and most important source of income for residents of this province, and livestock owners want the authorities to address their problems.