Drug addiction

Rubbab Fatima

Karachi is not only a big city of Pakistan, but also has all kinds of comforts, big hospitals, offices, schools, colleges, and big universities. Is there any kind of law here?

In today’s era, two out of every ten people will be addicted to drugs and unfortunately there is a large number of young people who got addicted to drugs in schools, colleges and universities. Are such young people the capital of the country? Someone should take strict action and save the young generation from destruction and ensure treatment for those who are addicted to it.

Install headlights on roads

In today’s era, every citizen is suffering from severe difficulties. Even here we are living under your help. The biggest problem today is the darkness of the roads, due to which incidents like theft and dacoity have increased.

The government is requested to install headlights on the roads. It is said and believed that traffic is restored here throughout the night. Citizens should be helped and headlights must be installed.

Shortage of electricity

K-Electric (KE) has been ruthlessly conducting load shedding for the last three months. Even in zero load shedding areas where there are no illegal connections and no defaulters, there is no electricity for 5-6 hours every day. Apparently no one in Pakistan is able to control the KE management. Political parties have their own interests to protect; their statements are mere eyewash.

The people at the helm of affairs should take notice of the misery of the people before it gets too late and creates some law and order situation.

Kindlyyy solve our problems all citizens are in trouble due this shortage of electricity plz pay attention on this problem.

Unhygenic food stall

Road vendors are more focused on their business rather than public health. Many vendors have set up their food stalls in places surrounded by flies, mosquitos, and drainage water. Even though their surrounding is full of dirt and germs, their edibles aren’t covered properly. And the utensils they are using are washed with very dirty water.

These unhygienic foods cause health issues like diarrhea, jaundice, cholera, typhoid, food poisoning, and paratyphoid.

The concerned authorities should direct roadside vendors to adopt strict safety measures like adopting a clean spot on the roadside. Using disposable utensils, paper glasses, and proper covering of edibles. keeping their stalls, pots, and cooking utensils clean as well. The authorities must take action against the ones violating these terms.