Dubai’s RTA takes action against illegal taxis around airports

Dubai’s RTA takes action against illegal taxis around airports

DUBAI (Gulf Today):Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority will deport illegal taxi drivers offering unlicensed airport transport services, said Mohammed Waleed Nabhan, the RTA’s Director of Transport Activities Monitoring. So far 39 illegal taxi drivers have been caught by the monitoring team of RTA in the last term of this year.Fines ranging from Dhs20,000 to Dhs50,000 will be imposed.

The government body is carrying out ongoing airport terminal swoops to catch out unlicensed drivers who are “undermining” the reputation of the city to residents and tourists, by flouting the law.

It is just one of a series of initiatives being spearheaded by the RTA, including efforts to tackle fare dodgers on public transport.

“The site teams of RTA carry out year-round inspection campaigns in several areas of Dubai to spot offences and illegal activities. They also monitor attitudes undermining the tourist profile of Dubai as a metropolitan city offering premium services to residents, visitors and tourists from all over the world,” said Mohammed Nabhan.

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