Dunford says US serious for implementation of new strategy

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KABUL: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of United States General Joseph Dunford said on Monday his country was serious for the implementation of the new strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia.

General Joseph Dunford said this in a meeting with Afghan President Muhammad Ashraf Ghani at the Presidential Palace.

According to a presidential office press release available with Afghan Islamic Press (AIIP), General Dunford said his visit was aimed at refreshing the US pledges of continued assistance with the security and defence forces of Afghanistan.

As an international strategic partner, the US would stand by the people and government of Afghanistan in the war on terrorism, he said.

They supported the peace process owned and led by Afghans, he noted.

On the occasion, President Muhammad Ashraf Ghani lauded the United States of America and NATO member countries for continued pledges and assistance with Afghanistan.

Chief Executive Officer Dr Abdullah Abdullah was also present in the meeting. He termed the new US strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia as beneficial for the entire region. He stressed on cooperation among countries of the region for its implementation.

President Ghani and General Dunford discussed various key issues, including security of Afghanistan and region, war on terrorism, peace process and security for elections.

Dunford arrived in Kabul on an unannounced visit yesterday. He met commanders of US and NATO forces stationed in Afghanistan and high-ranking Afghan officials.

US President Trump announced new strategy of the United States of America for Afghanistan and South Asia last year. However, the strategy is yet not able to put stop to the Afghan war.

Gen. Dunford visits Afghanistan to assess ‘campaign plan’: US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Gen. Joe Dunford arrived in Afghanistan on unannounced trip Tuesday to assess the campaign plan and training of Afghan security forces.

A press release issued by US defense department said the general would meet senior Afghan and US officials to get a top-down look at the situation, but he really wants to meet with soldiers of the 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade, which deployed to Afghanistan in February and is now close to full strength.

“I want to talk to the actual advisors who are working on the ground with the Afghans every day and make some conclusions about where we are,” the statement quoted Dunford as saying while speaking to reporters travelling with him.

It said the chairman is traveling with a larger than normal party, including senior officials on the Joint Staff who specialize in intelligence, strategy and logistics.

Army Command Sgt. Maj. John W. Troxell, the chairman’s senior enlisted advisor, is also in the delegation, it said, adding these officials will travel throughout Afghanistan to gather assessments for the chairman on how the effort is going, ultimately enabling Dunford to get a full picture of the various challenges ahead.

“With the advisory effort now, I want to get a good feel for the campaign plan and what they expect to do over the next couple of months,” Dunford said.

“I also want to have a discussion on measures of effectiveness — how will we know as this is going on over the next couple of months we are where we need to be in implementing the Afghan’s plan.”

Dunford visit to Afghan comes at a time when the fighting season is about start with the end of winter in Afghanistan. AIP