Duterte’s drug war and innocent Filipinos

Written by The Frontier Post

According to western media, the drug war of the outgoing Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte had cost over 6,200 Philippines men and boys at the hands of the Philippine Police on the unconfirmed allegations of drug addiction or drug trafficking over the past five years. After President Duterte ordered police to shoot the drug criminals if they feel a risk to their safety, the Philippines Police brutally killed unarmed innocent Philippines citizens for the sake of praise, promotion, and popularity, while countless Philippines women lost their husbands and sons while many children deprived of their fathers and siblings during this inhumane and unlawful battle against the drugs.

Historically, the Philippines has been used by international drug syndicates as a transit hub for the smuggling of drugs from one continent and country to another continent of the world over the recent decades. According to the US international Narcotics Control Strategy Report, Philippine’s illegal drug trade had touched $6.4 to $ 8.4 billion annually in 2010, while it increased many folds until Duterte initiated the Philippine drug war in 2016, which was aimed at preventing the use and trafficking of drugs in East Asian nation. However, Philippine Police acted recklessly and killed thousands of innocent Filipinos on mere allegations, satisfied their personal enmity, and bargained murders in the name of drug operations and self-defense of law enforcers. Interestingly, after killing unarmed civilians, Philippine Police officers portrayed it as a Police encounter and claimed to shoot the people in self-preservation.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has launched a probe into the state-sponsored crimes and extrajudicial murders of civilians in the Philippines but President Duterte refused to cooperate with the global regulators. According to the state secretary of Justice, his office has filed over 300 cases of fake Police Encounters which led to the killing of tens of thousands of innocent Filipinos at the hands of killer police. Apparently, the injustices always come to end, President Duterte will face a court trial after he steps down from the office, while his successor is unlikely to chase his Doctrine of the drug war which swallowed more sinless Filipinos than criminals.

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