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‘Dynastic politics’ a problem in India, says Rahul Gandhi

NEW DELHI (AFP): The torchbearer of the Nehru-Gandhi political scion said on Tuesday that dynastic politics was a “problem” in India, but maintained that a large number of people in his party did not have a dynastic background.

At the same time, Rahul Gandhi, India’s main opposition party Congress vice-president, said a person’s background did not determine his capabilities, The Hindu reported.

Responding to a question of whether the Congress was more associated with dynastic politics, he insisted that India was being run by dynasties.

“Most parties in India have that problem So…Mr Akhilesh Yadav is a dynast. Mr Stalin [son of M. Karunanidhi in the DMK] is a dynast… even Abhishek Bachchhan is a dynast. So that’s how India runs. So don’t get after me because that’s how India is run. By the way, last, I recall, Mr Ambanis are running the business. That’s also going on in Infosys. So that’s what happens in India,” Rahul said as he listed several prominent Indians born into famous families.

But, he said, there were a large number of people in the Congress who were not from dynastic families. “And I can name them in every state. There are also people who happen to have a father, or a grandmother or a great grandfather in politics. They do exist,” he added.

“The real question is, whether the person actually a capable and a sensitive person,” Rahul said.

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