Earthquake, another agony for Afghans

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According to reports, a powerful earthquake struck a remote border region of Afghanistan overnight killing at least 1,000 people and injuring over 1500 Afghans, while the toll is rising steadily as desperate rescuers dig through collapsed dwellings. According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), an earthquake of about 5.9 magnitude turned the muddy houses into domes of clay, reduced the cemented government building and commercial plaza to rubble, while thousands of people became homeless as well as helpless under the open sky in stormy shover. The tremors were felt over some 500 km by more than 119 million people in Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. The Afghan government has deputed helicopters for provision of medical supplies, food and shelters along with transfer of seriously injured persons to nearby hospitals in Kabul and Gardez.

Nature has not yet paused the sufferings and gloominess of the people of Afghanistan, who earlier faced severe repercussions of famine and flood, followed by the deadly earthquake of an extraordinary power. The Afghan government has allocated one million afghanis to address urgent needs of victims of the earthquake, while the Afghan authorities have appealed to the donor organizations and global community for humanitarian aid and expressed willingness to receive assistance from any country of the world.

Several nations including the US, the UK, Saudi Arabia, UAE and others had expressed willingness to provide humanitarian aid to the victims of the deadly earthquake, while the humanitarian organizations already working in the country have redirected their efforts toward rescue and relief operations in the earthquake hit region of the country.

Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has expressed deep sorrow over the devastating earthquake in neghbouring Afghanistan and directed the concerned authorities to provide all possible assistance to Afghan brothers and sisters in this hour of need. The government and people of Pakistan have felt deep heartache over the recent earthquake and unending sufferings of the people of Afghanistan. Pakistani people had never abandoned their Afghan brethren in the past and they are ready to provide all possible help to Afghans at this crucial time.

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