East Asia, future war zone

According to the media, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan on Tuesday amid heightened US-China tensions over the controversial visit of the top American official. Nancy Pelosi addressed Taiwan’s Parliament and met with Taiwanese leadership and pledged America’s solidarity with Taiwan. During a media interaction along with Taiwanese President, Tsai-Ing Wen, Pelosi said that the United States’ commitment to the security of Taiwan is evident. The United States and Taiwan have shared values of democracy and freedom, while Taiwan is an example for the world. Taiwanese leader said that Taiwan will not back down in the face of heightened military threats and will do whatever it can to maintain peace and stability.

The announcement and materialization of the visit to Tai Pei by the United States House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi had brought the US-China rivalry to its climax. The United States had crossed the so-called red line drawn by Xi’s government regarding Taiwan, the most sensitive and weakest part of the Peoples Republic of China. According to Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Zhao Lijian, the Chinese military is ready to act and those who play with fire will perish by it. Although, China threatened to use military power during Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan and practically deployed Chinese Naval warships, gigantic bombers, and latest fighter jets in Taiwan Strait and the Indo-Pacific waters but stopped short of any military adventure during the visit of the top American leader to Taiwan.

Now, what is next in the US-Chinese dispute over the Taiwan issue, as the United States has adopted an aggressive Doctrine with China? Washington tactfully violated Beijing’s one China policy through diplomatic outreach and massive military support to the Island nation and simultaneously claims to support the one-China theory. China had been left with limited options, as Beijing cannot wage a war with Washington over the issue, hence reprimanding the Tai Pei regime is a relatively better option that will not only put a cap on the growing Washington-Tai Pei affairs but also restore Beijing’s image tarnished by the US in the recent days.