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Minister for Foreign Affairs Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that the government with its economic diplomacy had successfully attracted the world towards the business opportunities available in Pakistan. Foreign Minister Qureshi was speaking at an Iftar dinner hosted by Pakistan Business Council Dubai. He said it is matter of satisfaction that despite the ill effects of the global coronavirus pandemic, Pakistan through its economic diplomacy had achieved positive results. Qureshi observed that Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates had improved their bilateral relations in diverse fields including trade. According to him, he is visiting Dubai to promote trade relations between Pakistan and United Arab Emirates in multiple fields.

In fact, it is the Qureshi’s good luck that Pakistan became a center of Diplomatic maneuvers in contemporary era because of Afghanistan Reconciliation Process, and CPEC operationalization. Otherwise, Pakistan’s Middle East allies had drifted away due to many reasons. Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working hardly to earned some financial benefits for the Country, however other ministries and departments must play their facilitation role in fulfilling this national dream. Pakistan has all essential resources to compete with the world iconic industrial and trade hub such as Singapore and Dubai except commitment and sincerity.

Pakistani Diaspora abroad is a great asset of the country and every one of them want to play his role for development of Pakistan, but unfortunately, all governments of Pakistan remained failed to provide them Conducive environment for investment in the country.

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